Rental Rules

REQUIRED ⚠️ At least one (1) adult over the age of 18 supervising the inflatable while in use. 

REQUIRED ⚠️ Area for bounce house installation/setup within 50 feet of an adequate power outlet. If power is not within 50 feet, we can provide you with an extra power cord. No household power cords are permitted. Electricity degrades over distance, so it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source to ensure proper inflation.

REQUIRED ⚠️ Any and all obstacles must be disclosed on the setup form within two days of booking. Additional fees may apply. 

NOT PERMITTED ❌ Silly String, Pens, Sharpies, Markers, Crayons, Baby Oil, Soap, Belt Buckles, Sharp Objects, Shoes, Drinks, Candy, Gum, Lollipops, or Balloons. Failure to comply will result in significant charges to be paid by the renter.

NOT PERMITTED ❌ Pets. Nails can cause extensive damage to inflatables such as stains, scratches, holes, or punctures. 

NOT PERMITTED ❌ Water on a dry-only inflatable. This could cause serious injuries as some inflatables are not designed to be used wet. Water units will be clearly marked on our website.

RECOMMENDED ✅ Adhere to the capacity allowed at a time on the inflatable. If too many people are in the inflatable at one time, the inflatable may become ‘soft’ or potentially damage the inflatable. 

RECOMMENDED ✅ Read over the contract as it touches on essential details such as cleaning fees, pet waste fees, cancellation, liability, etc. 

RECOMMENDED ✅ Be prepared for team to pickup inflatables as late as 9:30PM. Do not be frightened to see our staff walking around your home in the late evening. Feel free to ask our customer service team or delivery driver what the pickup window is planned to be. 

Things To Do Before We Arrive

  1. Remove any and all pet waste from the path the truck will park to the setup location of the inflatable. Additional fees may apply if our staff has to clean up pet waste at the location or upon cleaning the inflatable at our warehouse. 
  2. Let us know of any changes such as; tiedown (stakes or sandbags), address, event times, etc. Additional fees may apply. 
  3. Arrange an adult over the age of 18 to direct our staff to the setup location and approve the setup. Please note that the inflatable cannot be moved after the location is determined.  
  4. Measure the area where the inflatable will be set up. This also includes height! Some yards have low-hanging tree limbs and/or power cords that can get in the way and damage the inflatable.